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Notable People, Places, and Things

Dragon Empire

Imperial Family – The Family Who Leads the Empire
Noble Families – Those Who Serve the Empire
Imperial Army – The Sword and Shield of the Empire
Sigil Bearers – Those Who Protect the Empire in Nontraditional Ways
Economics – Mostly so I have a place to keep notes on this.

Formalized Religions

Gods of Light and Dark – The predominant religion in the Empire, which the Priestess leads
Dragon Gods – Worship of the dragons as gods made flesh
Triad – A small religion focusing around a holy triumvirate and accepting fate

Important Historical Events

Rules and Other Determinations

Character Creation – Ability Generation and Icon Relationships
Races – Additional races to play
House Rules – New Talents, New Feats, New Rules

Main Page

In The Name of The Emperor Arashinomoui