Name: Mercillina Wardenkeeper Race: Trueblood Human Class: Bard Level: 02


OUT: Demons Like My Music
Backgrounds: Scout and Guardian of the Red Waste +5; Favored Child of My Parents +2; Mythological Songs & Tales Have always intrigued me, I gather rare ones, +3
Icon Relationships: Emperor +1, Great Gold Wyrm +1, Priestess +1, Diablist ±1

Mercillina the Wardenkeeper [Mercy] 23

Father : Augustinus Severus Tarquin [Gus] 55
Mother: Sophia Nikephoros Tarquin [Sophia] 48

Younger brother 1: Benignus Chrysanthos Tarquin [Ben] 17
Younger brother 2: Baldwin Sebastianus Tarquin [Ian] 13

Half Sister A: Corinna Feidlimid Decia [Rinna] 37 m. Rory Decia – both mercs with dad
Half Brother B: Gunnarr Junius [Gunnarr] 35 m. Tessie Caroline – Innkeeper daughter
– Twin daughters: Marisa Sydnie & Nevena Adelais 8
– Son : Gunnar Mario 3
Half Sister C: Signý Johanna Sabbas [Signy] 35 m. Nikolaas Sabbas 37 – farmer
– Son: Severus Nikolaas 15
– Son: Jaskas Augustinus 12
– Son: Magnus Dion 9
– Daughter: Laurentia Gratiana 7
– Son: Liupold Signius 4
Half Brother D: Lucianus Irenaeus [Lucus]31 – farmhand on the Sabbas farm, Signy’s lil bro
Half Brother E: Pompilius Blandinus 28 – traveling merc
Half …. ??

Gus started off a soldier. He did 4 years and when his time to reup came, he went home. And fell in love with Irma, the little sister of his childhood friend. They had 2 kids, Signy and Lucus, but she died in childbirth with their 3rd. He let his friend, their uncle and his family finish raising them, and went off to be a mercenary.

Gus had acknowledged his two bastards, Rinna and Gunnar sending money to each when he lived with Irma. Visiting little Gunnar at the inn where his mother worked. He acknowledged Pompilius, but his mother wanted nothing to do with Gus. His eldest daughter, Rinna, when she was old enough, asked and Gus took her in with the mercenary troop where he was working. She ended up marrying Rory, a fellow mercenary in his troop and they travel together. Pompi’s ran away from home at 16, stayed with Dad’s merc for a bit, then went off with a more front-line heavy group, with a reputation for cruelty…

Gus met Sophia as she was traveling to the Cathedral as an initiate at age 21. He kept finding work for the Cathedral, and after about 4 years, upon finding out that Mercy was on the way, he proposed and Sophia accepted.

When home, Gus trained Mercy as he had been trained and she took to it like a fish to swimming. The troop, when at its home station filled Mercy’s ears with stories, myths, and songs from their travels. When she hit 15, she was ready to travel (and escape babysitting duties for her little brothers). Gus brought her along as an aide and she learned. Gus goes on fewer and fewer treks, but her sister Rinna and brother-in-law Rory kept an eye on her.

Working near the Red Wastes, Mercy’s killed her fair share of demons, mostly dretches, imps, and despoilers. But, once, just once, on a night so dark, you’d think the moons were gone, when faced with a Frenzy Demon, and the whole merc crew with her; she played and ancient battle song that she’d read about and practiced, staring at rough notes, learnt how to play, and calmed a frenzy demon- it paused to listen to the music, and they were able to slaughter it. Mercy the Wardenkeeper earned her name.


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