The Dragon Empire faces many threats.

Besieged by demons and armies without.

Beset by malcontents and rebels within the Empire who would tear down civilization itself down to build something in their own image.

Allies who share similar goals, but are those goals enough to keep the alliances from tearing apart?

And while the Dragon Empire’s army stands firm against the enemies of humanity, there are times when blade and shield, the marching of boots, and banging of drums does not fit the purposes of the Emperor.

Times where a smaller group, working in secret, working outside the formal bounds of the Empire, charged with the vision of keeping the Empire secure, with maintaining order in the face of chaos.

These bearers of the Emperor’s Sigil serve when the army will not do. The best of them work unacknowledged, silently serving the Empire. Each member bears immense power and responsibility from the day they are recruited, for they have but two rules:

  1. They must accomplish their mission.
  2. They answer to the Emperor.

All else is permitted to them in the name of the Emperor.

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In The Name of The Emperor

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