Sigil Bearers

Those who would serve in the ranks of Order of the Sigil Bearer have always existed in the Empire. They are thoose who would serve and protect the Empire, but do not, cannot fit within a more traditional organization bound by procedures and protocols.

While those who would bear the sigil may not intrinsically reject the need for law and order, rules and processes, they frequently will find themselves at odds with the various rules they would fight to protect and uphold.

And so the Sigil Bearers were formed under a previous Emperor, against the wishes of the Archmage who feared what formalizing an inherently chaotic element would do the Dragon Empire. But for the time being it has worked out in everyone’s favor.

You cannot volunteer for the duty, for the honor, of bearing the Emperor’s sigil, instead you are chosen, whether you joined the Army and could not fit within its formal ranks, you were arrested and somehow caught the eye of an Specialist, or for some other deed or action, every member was actively chosen.


The Sigil Bearers are made up of cadres of specialists. Each cadre is formed new; however, as members retire; other members may be added, or combined with other, similarly reduced, cadres.. Sometimes members of a cadre are known to each other prior to forming the cadre, and other times they are complete stranger. Each cadre generally works independently of each other, those for larger challenges, multiple cadres may be formed.

The only three ranks within the Order:

  1. Specialist – The entry rank of the Order
  2. Adept – Those who rise to these ranks, whether acknowledged or unacknowledged
  3. Master – There are rarely more than a few Masters, and from their ranks is the one who reports directly to the Emperor.

While there are only three ranks within the Order, every cadre has two status – acknowledge and unacknowledged. All cadres are considered unacknowledged, able to work covertly without anyone being aware of their being a member of the Order. However, they become acknowledged when their work becomes obvious to the world, and they need to invoke their sigils to declare their Emperor granted authority. While, officially, neither status has more authority, those who have carried out several missions while maintaining their unacknowledged status garner far more respect within the Order.

The Sigil

The sigil is a mark that all members of the Order bear. It can be called forth only by the voluntary and free will of its bearer, and is traditionally placed on the left hand. The sigil is the symbol of the Emperor’s word, placing its bearer outside the normal laws and rules, anything the bearer does is, de facto, legal, necessary, and just. Thus, there are but two laws that those who bear the sigil must follow:

  1. They must accomplish their mission.
  2. They answer to the Emperor.

And the latter law is the toughest for ultimately, there is no appeal, no jury, no recourse for those who bear the sigil. Each one knows that if they abuse their power, they shall be retired from the service.

Sigil Bearers

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