Human Bloodlines

Common Human

Per 13th Age Book.

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Elderblooded Human

+2 Intelligence OR +2 Charisma
Bonus Feat

Imperial Majesty (Racial Power)
Once per battle, when you spend a recovery, you may make a save to remove any status effects on you.

  • Champion Feat: Gain either your Intelligence or Charisma bonus to all save rolls.

In a previous age, it is said that they cut deals with demons to wrest the power from the Elven rulers of the world – or the dwarven rulers, depending on who is telling the story. Olive of complexion with angular features, they carry a haughty, imperial air about them. Their blood is corrupted, either from the inherent power that they wielded or the deals they cut to gain that power. They still carry delusions of grandeur of what they are owed by all others. Kind of like cats.

(Inspirations: Alectors.)

Trueblooded Human

+2 Strength OR +2 Charisma
Bonus Feat

Unbowed, Unbroken (Racial Power)
Once per battle as a free action, gain a +[Level] bonus to all defenses against spells/magical effects that target you that round.

  • Champion Feat: Effect on Unbowed, unbroken lasts until a spell harms you.

The Trueblooded are what the Elderblooded emerged from; however, they tend to be more diversely featured, tending towards darker skin tones and rounded features. After the Elderbloods ascended to rule the age, they subjugated their former bloodkin and turned them into at best servants, and at worst, experimental test subjects.

Over time the Truebloods rose up and threw down the tyrant wizard kings to end the age. Kind of like the Orc Lord. Damn cyclical ages.


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