Imperial Army

The bulk of the Imperial Army is made up of Infantry (Heavy and Light), Archers, and Cavalry. Other units that do not fit into the traditional format are attached units and may include clerics, wizards, sorcerers, and dragon riders, among many others.

However the basic format of a Dragon (the largest single formation of soldiers) within the Empire is as such:

Unit Name Size Role
Talon 50 Infantry/Archers
Claw 6 Talons Smallest Independent Unit
Wing 6 Claws Standard Field Deployment
Fang 20 Cavalry (Chariot or Horseback)
Maw 50 Fangs Largest Unit Deployed
Head 100-200 Command Staff
Tail 5,000 Support (Logistics, Engineers, Etc.)

And yes, I know the ratio of support to soldiers is off, but I’m just amused I remembered to leave them in.

Imperial Army

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