House Rules


Initiative (Not Yet Implemented)

Using the initiative system from Marvel Heroic Roleplaying:

  1. Determine who goes first depending on the story.
  2. That person then chooses who goes next.
  3. Repeat until all people have gone.
  4. If you have not gone, you may interrupt with a successful Dex check. [Add appropriate backgrounds?] [The Improved Initiative feat would automatically win this, once per battle]

Icon Relationship

At the start of every [session/adventure] the players will roll their Icon relationships, per normal rules – 5 gets a complicated involvement, 6 gets a uncomplicated involvement. However, instead of this being a GM-generated involvement, the player will get a token indicating their Icon’s involvement:

  • Positive relationships will get a card reading “[Icon]’s Favor” or “[Icon]’s Favor With Complications” (as appropriate)
  • Negative relationships will get a card reading “[Icon]’s Bane” or “[Icon]’s Bane With Complications” (as appropriate)
  • Complicated relationships can take either card, but must choose at the time of the roll

The favor is exactly that, a favor you can call upon whether directly, “Hey, I’m the Emperor’s assistant in this, so commander, do me a favor and listen to me….” or indirectly “Wouldn’t it be appropriate if some woodland creatures came rampaging through this now?”

Being the bane of an Icon means you get to screw with their plots and schemes. You can basically tell the GM “No, the Diabolist DOESN’T get to do that!” Or something else to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of their plans.

Complications mean you get the desired effect of what you want, but the GM gets to add a few details. Just here or there.

You can burn multiple favors for greater effects:

  • 1 Favor/Bane: Minor effects, generally informational, or low-risk action.
    • You can get out of a small “misunderstanding”, the report will get filed, but you will be the “unknown assailants.”
  • 2 Favors/Banes: Moderate effects, that get involve some risk, without major injury/death/embarrassment to the giver.
    • “So you are saying the assailants were a group of people matching the description of this entirely different group of thieves, and thus, you’ll get the excuse to go after them with the full might of the Guard? Thanks!”
  • 4+ Favors/Banes: Major effects, that can involve serious risk, possibly even death,
    • You can get out of the misunderstanding without a report getting filed at all. “Yes, sir! You were never here, and this never happened.”


General Talents

Heritage Talents

As presented in Pelgrane Page XX. And presented below:

STRONG HERITAGE: You gain two heritage or general feats.

Suggested Heritage feats

Heritage feats aren’t restricted by race, but some of them are especially well-suited for specific races and classes. Here are a few heritage feats a character of each race might want to take:

  • Human: Blood Echo, Born to Battle (any class)
  • Dwarf: Born to Battle (Fighter), Elemental Endurance (Fire or Thunder)
  • Dark Elf: Alien Mind, Fey Touch
  • High Elf: Alien Mind, Speaking Mind
  • Wood Elf: Otherworldy Strike, Purpose over Pain
  • Halfling: Born to Battle (Rogue), Fool’s Luck
  • Gnome: Critter, Fluid Identity
  • Half-Elf: Blood Echo (Human or any Elf), Born to Battle (Bard)
  • Half-Orc: Bestial Wrath, Will to War
  • Dragonic: Elemental Endurance, Nature’s Arsenal
  • Forgeborn: Mythic Flesh, Water Breather
  • Holy One: Celestial Touch, Low Glide
  • Tiefling: Elemental Endurance (Fire), Terrible Soul

Heritage Feats – This got long.

Sorcerer Talents

Unsullied Heritage

For whatever reason, your sorcerous blood carries no flavor of wizardry, dragons, fey, demons, or the undead. You are pure, unsullied by what has come before. The future is entirely in your hands – you are free to choose your destiny – alone in your immense magical might. You may not take another Heritage or Blood link. Costs Two Talents.

  • You gain +2 to saves versus magical effects (whether AC/PD/MD).
  • When Gathering Power, roll twice on the table, choosing the option the player prefers.
  • You gain a +2 on all recharge power rolls, including Breath Weapon.
  • You have access to the following energy types:
  1. Acid
  2. Cold
  3. Fire
  4. Force
  5. Lightning
  6. Thunder
  • Adventurer Feat: When Gathering Power, roll twice, choose both options, may stack. Roll twice for energy types, player chooses which is chosen. You gain resist energy damage 12+ to two of the energy types listed above. One chosen, one rolled randomly, this happens after each full rest. You may swap Poison for any of the six energy types after any full rest.
  • Champion Feat: When rolling randomly for energy type, roll twice, both energy types are selected. You gain resist energy to three types of energy, one chosen, two rolled. You may swap Psychic energy in for any of the six energy types after any full rest.
  • Epic Feat: Gain resist energy 16+ to three types all chosen by the player. When Gathering Power all effects occur. When rolling for energy types, all three types are chosen by the player. You may swap in Negative Energy or Holy for any of the six energy types after any full rest.

House Rules

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