Character Creation

Generating Ability Scores

I hate ability score arrays, so I offer everyone the choice of:

  1. Simple: Roll 4d6 drop 1, six times, arrange how you’d like (Average: 12.2, 60% of being between 11-15)
  2. Complex: Roll 5d6/drop 2 twice (Average: 13.4, 67% of being between 12-16), then roll 4d6/drop 1 for 2 (See previous), and 3d6, reroll 1s for the last 2 (Average 12, 68% chance of being between 10-14). However, you must choose place each set before rolling the next set, i.e., (you have to place the 5d6 before you place the 4d6, before you place the 3d6)
  3. Story: Or, just pick your own scores, if you want to play superhumans, go for it.


You are permitted to have whatever relationship with an Icon that you wish to have, except that you may not have a antagonistic relationship with the Emperor. You may have a conflicted relationship with the Emperor.

20 Questions for Creating Your Character’s Background

(Note: May not be 20 questions)

Just as a suggestion for building your character, of things you might want to take into account.

  1. How did you come to the attention of the Emperor’s Agents?
  2. Do you own anyone any significant favors that could cause trouble for your cadre?
  3. What do you fear/hate/love beyond all else?
  4. How was your childhood happy?
  5. To whom do you turn to when the world turns dark and bleak?
  6. To what do you find your faith to go on renewed?
  7. Where do you go to find a safe space?
  8. What Icons have you interacted with directly?
  9. If someone were to drop in on your life randomly where would they find you in the morning/day/evening/weekends?

Character Creation

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