Name: Annel Tathvaul Race: Wood Elf Class: Paladin Level: 01


OUT: I can block out the share consciousness at will, without the Elf Queen knowing
Backgrounds: Favored Elf Court Scholar +4; Battle-Trained Courtier +4
Icon Relationships: Emperor +1, Elf Queen +1, Priestess ±1

Starter Questions

  1. How did you come to the attention of the Emperor’s Agents: A rumor was circulating that I single-handedly defeated a demon that was destroying the great trees my people live in. The rumor did not say how I defeated it, only that I had done so.
  2. Do you owe anyone significant favors? No
  3. What do you fear/hate/love beyond all else?
    Fear: failing in the time of being most needed
    Hate: Demons
    Love: Family
  4. How was your childhood happy: I was never denied any type of learning that I desired. I spent years seeking knowledge of many things, and I was never turned away by anyone who provided learning; even those who normally were either highly selective of their students, or who had refused to teach all others. I also had two loving and supporting parents, employed as courtiers to the Elf Queen.
  5. Who do you turn to when the world turns dark and bleak: When at home, I turn to my mother. When I am traveling and away for learning, I turn to whomever of my companions I feel the closest to.
  6. To what do you find your faith to go on renewed: Knowledge. Knowledge is power, even when physical strength can no longer support you alone.
  7. Where do you go to find a safe place? Any house of learning is a safe haven.
  8. What icons have you interacted with directly: The Elf Queen, whom I have interacted with many times, as my parents are courtiers of hers. Also, I have met with the Priestess when I was a young child, when my father was called upon by her to assist with a task. His assistance failed, and she has never forgiven him for it.


In The Name of The Emperor Arashinomoui